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Hello Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your interest on the multiculturalism, interculturality and coexistence practices in France and Turkey and for your participation in the Project. The project schedule holds and we are happy to announce the First Workshop of the cycle within the scope of the “Strengthening Multicultural Approach of Civil Society Organizations in Turkey and Europe” project carried out within the extent of the Civil Society Dialogue Program implemented by the EU Presidency in Turkey.

This first workshop entitled “Multiculturalism and Interculturality For A Better Coexistence” is a framing workshop as well as kickoff workshop for the cycle. The workshop will allow you to return to the project, to present the studies carried out so far especially the survey you participated in, to contemplate on the concepts together by agreeing on common definitions that will provide the continuance of the studies and to talk about “our similarities in our differences and our differences in our similarities”. 

We will be pleased to see you among us and we suggest the hours 09:30 am and 05:30 pm on October 31st. Please confirm your participation before the 18th of October, 2019.


09 : 30 am Greeting the participants

10 : 00 am Presentation of the Project and The Associations Realizing the Project (YADA and AMSED) and Introduction To Workshop Cycle 

10 : 30 am Presentation of the Participant Civil Society Organizations 

11 : 00 am Presentation Of The Information Note, The Documentary, The Schematic Presentation And The Results From The Survey Conducted Between April And June Conveyed To The Turkish Partner

11 : 30 am Coffee break

11 : 45 am Activity : «We Are Not That Different!” / Are We Really This Different»

01 : 00 – 02 : 30 pm LUNCHBREAK (Undertaken by AMSED


02 : 30 pm Presentation of Afternoon’s Process and Workshop Contributions 

02 : 45 pm Contribution of ASTU Association: Contemplating on the concepts of Multiculturalism, Interculturality and Coexisting & Field practices and Exchange of Views on the association’s participation in the presence of CRE.

04 : 00 pm Coffee break

04 : 15 pm Conclusion and the Evaluation of the Day

Depending on your availability you can send two or three representatives (wage earners, volunteers, civil service officers, etc.) from your organization.

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