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Topic: “The role of the state and the public authorities in promoting an intercultural society” Workshop

We invite you to our Workshop Studies on Contemplating On Good Practices and Exchange of Views  within the scope of the “Strengthening Multicultural Approach of Civil Society Organizations in Turkey and Europe” project carried out within the extent of the Civil Society Dialogue Program implemented by the EU Presidency Within this framework, we are pleased to announce our next workshop: “The role of the state and the public authorities in promoting an intercultural society” 

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, between 09:30 am and 05:00 pm at AMSED located at 17 rue de Boston.


09 : 30 am Greeting and Presentations of participants

10 : 00 am Speech by the hospitable city project manager Elodie SOJIC on actions to promote intercultural dialogue conducted by the City of Strasbourg

11 : 15 am Coffee break 

11 : 30 am Round table meeting led by DRDJSCS Grand Est official Marie-Agnès PIERROT “Working with local authorities and government agencies to combat discrimination and promote intercultural dialogue: problems, challenges and solutions “

01 : 00 pm – 02 : 30 pm LUNCH BREAK (Undertaken by AMSED) 


02 : 30 pm A City Council Simulation

16 : 00 pm Coffee break

16 : 15 pm Conclusion and the Evaluation of the Day 

This workshop will make it possible to reflect on the problems, challenges and solutions faced by the efforts to promote intercultural dialogue between civil society organizations and public authorities.

Please confirm your participation before the 10th of February. 

It would be ideal to send two or three representatives (wage earners, volunteers, civil service officers, etc.) from your organization to ensure good participation.

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